Friday, July 30, 2010

EA Autoworks

I went to EA Autoworks, Esplanade Bukit Jalil after get to know about the Mythelogy Lighten Crank Pulley promotion. The market price is RM 600.00 but they got a promo at a cheaper price, RM 480.00. Without taking too much time cause the stock is limited (10 units only). I rushed to EA to get the Mythelogy Lighten Crank Pulley.

Drex Chan, one of the workshop specialist replace the OEM crank pulley with the aftermarket Mythelogy Lighten Crank Pulley. He took around half and hour to make my wish come true. Overall, the workmanship was good and i'm happy with the results. After changing the Crank Pulley, you can feel your car much more lighter in terms of acceleration. Meaning, the RPM will flow upwards and downwards faster. The best part is, it reduce your normal fuel consumption. I can feel it until now and thats really satisfy me a lot. Overall, the cons about this Lighten Crank Pulley is, you'll lost power when climb because there's no momentum at the crank pulley to push your car forward. Therefore, lower gear and higher RPM needed to overcome the cons. However, we wont be climb all day right? 

The stock OEM crank pulley (black colour) was bigger and heavier then the Mythelogy Crank Pulley. Thanks Drex Chan for all the hardwork. 

Ultra Racing installed.

I won a voucher worth of few hundreds Ringgit from Ultra Racing. Its a good day for me being one of the lucky winner at the Annual Grand Meeting at Proton Centre of Excellence (COE). This is what i did with the voucher. 

I went to the Ultra Racing HQ at Bukit Permai, Cheras and installed this following item to strengthen my car chassis:

1. Front Strut Bar.
2. Room Bar.
3. Rear Bar (3-point).
4. Rear Upper Bar.

I took quite sometime to tackle the changes of the car chassis as it getting more stiffer. Cornering improved and the cons was, my car add some more weight. hehe. Overall, i'm happy with the new toys equipped into my car. enjoy the pictures~

p/s: you can get better price by getting the Ultra Racing Bars directly at their headquarters... :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Famous with its sticker-craftmanship and idea, i went to Tar Crasher Sticker & Design at astaka Sungai Nibong for some touch up at my ride. Due to its famous and non-stop customer, i've to made until 4th appointment to get it done on my car.

The first idea for the lining is only 2 line stripes from front to rear. Amazingly, shamer took 4 hours to complete this with his own creative idea n i some sort like agree-like his idea. 4 hours is a lot of time but the finishing is superb. 

My mom asked: eh, kt mana hg p buat vinyl racing nih? 
me: kt tar crasher sg nibong. 
mom: ooo, kedai anak si syed. 
me: *owh, ibuku mmg terbaik.

The last touch up on the words should be their name, tar crasher but shamer refuse to. At last, CPS (Cam Profile Switching) got his place. By the way, i love this custom design on my car. Thanx to Afdhal, Shamer and others who supported me. Happy vroooming ya'll.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Di suatu petang ketika melungsuri MRR2..

Setanded, habis kerja terus balik rumah. Ada la hari tu aku terberatkan kaki kat paddle minyak so keta pegi laju sket dari kebiasaan... dan tiba2... terus aku brake dan drop gear supaya tidak memotong kereta ni... BAHAYA!

Lantas aku pacu kereta ku terus ke lane perlahan. hehehe, dont mess with these big boys. saman aku ada la sket xbayar lg. hehehehe... pengakhirannya, aku pandu kereta dengan kelajuan 50kmj. hehehe :)

p/s: nak bawak laju boleh, tapi kena aware dan safe driving. ~drive smart

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A hell of a day last months when this shit happens to me.
I left my car for about 2 hours on direct sun and this has happened.

Amir, my partner in crime saw this and alert me. After the sight seeing of this 'nice' view at my aircond centre console, my mood change drastically. By the way, my advice is not to use any liquid-alcohol-contain car fragrance. it'll damage ur car unofficially. 

p/s: now i use the tree shape fragrance. nice and easy, love the black ice smell. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

yesterday was a dr pepper day. :)

I got a gift from my friend, Tanes Kumar when he was away 23 days to Austin, Texas and he get me Dr Pepper. Owh, im so love it. Its much more better than coke. Tanes got me 2 bottles, 1 is the regular 2 litre and another 1 is classic rare bottle. Its very nice. Thanx a lot bro~

A boring day at the office makes me fill it with this new game. I found it somewhere at website. hehehe. Just filling my time. Have a nice day everyone. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

High Performance Challenge (HPC). AWESOME!

I arrived at Sepang International Circuit around 7:30am although still sleepy due to watching Drag battle last night. I'm among the early birds who comes early for registration.

Most of the participants are from Singapore and Malaysia. They comes with their car clubs, (i.e. Alfa Romeo, Subaru) and most of them are same group with me, G1. The briefing starts at 8:45am by the head instructor and after the briefing, the instructor appointed for each driver in G 1. 

A myvi driver besides me get Liona Chin as his instructor. My instructor is abam syahrol who is very knowledgeable and skillful. A lot of skills and advice been told and the session went good. It consists of 3 sections and 25 minutes on track for each sections. After every sections, it'll be a short break to give way for G3 and G2 to take part in the circuit.

The first and second section is very good and i push my car to the limit but still, the instructor call it 'makan angin'. Yeah, you cant compare a stock car with a racing car. Stock car enters a corner at 130kmh but racing car is around 170-220 kmh. Dont bother about that. Resulting on my action, my car front tyres almost out of thread. During 3rd section, my car almost slide out of the track but at turn 9 and 14. I manage to finish only 2 laps before going back to the pit. Its a very facinating experience and i'm looking forward for next event.

Thank you to Ken Gurusamy for organizing this event, Syahrol for being a good instructor and commented on me as "willing to learn & good driving", fatin a-new-friend e90, qhayreel for photograh (havent get those pictures from u), boyhebat and kinz for a good advice and those who supported me. 

p/s: saw subaru spins a lot at turn 1,2, 9 and e36 spins at turn 4. nice~

Sepang Drag Battle Round 2

Its a very entertaining night for the 2nd round of drag battle on the 8th May. ST wangan evo7 and low profile yellow charade aura (belongs to Man Gila if im not mistaken) catches they spectator eyes as they make their opponent nervous. What happens on that night compared to previous drag battle was the fare. 

Previous years i always entered at paddock with the fare of rm30. Now, the fare shoot up to rm50 and i think its not worth for those who cant afford the fare, i-am-one-of-those who dont want to pay extra and i end up at grandstand. Parking fare still the same, RM5.

Its an awesome moment where the charade aura jack its ass up (wikang) and sadly, no one capture that moment. The evo7 and charade aura clocked 10 second something but sadly, charade aura loses at final round to evo7. I'm looking forward to next round of Sepang Drag Battle. 

p/s: Thailand comes with 2 new GTR but they end up loses to charade aura. Hail Malaysia~!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

High Performance Challenge (HPC) this 9th May 2010 @ Sepang International Circuit

Excitement keep on drifting in me as i am waiting for this very day to officially enter a new era of track exposure. Sepang International Circuit will be the venue and my will to learn & experience has been granted. Father to me;

Father: hang ni nak jadi racer kah? bawak kereta elok2. eh, kalau bapak bawak citroen c5 bapak tu bole ke?

That was an entertaining short conversation with my father 2 weeks ago at Chukai, Kemaman. Permission granted and i will move forward to this coming event. After the HPC, Time Attack event will follow up. A good day for a good start to me so far. In my opinion, our country has one of the best international track in this world and why not grab the opportunity to experience it by yourself with so-called-your-cool-rides. Other citizen such as singaland and Thailand come all the way just to have the adrenaline feeling. 

This is the follow up e-mail i receive from the organizer in-charge-man Ken Gurusamy. Im so excited. 

After the event i attend, TimetoAttack event will follow up from 1 till 5 if im not mistaken. Hope tomorrow i can find some good grip tyres at Klang. Happy motor sport ya'll....

ceriakan masa bosan anda dengan....

Plant Vs Zombies

Suatu ketika dahulu, game ni aku sangat taksub main ketika bekerja sebagai CDM Exec di Pasir Gudang. Maklumlah, nak kurangkan tensi kerja yang bertimbun-timbun. hahaha~ 

Neighbours From Hell?

Game ni aku jumpa ketika surf software di Setelah download dan main, agak best cuma kegirangannya sedikit kurang berbanding PVZ. Pada pendapat aku lah, main game ketika tensi dapat mengurangkan stress dan meningkatkan daya kreativiti secara tak langsung.

p/s: jangan main game ketika kerja anda sangatlah urgent dan important. berpada - padalah. :)